I have moved blogs 

I realized a little too late that a downside to making a secondary blog is that you can’t follow people with it. 

so I went ahead and made a new account and just changed the url to this blog so I could keep ‘staywithmebuddy’.

if you like, feel free to follow there and/or unfollow me here because I won’t be making any new posts.

~ Cas :)

so.. I think I just jumped aboard the roderick/claire ship. 


am I the only one??

It’s a bit of a mirror to the journey that Ryan Hardy took in the past. When we meet Ryan, as an audience, he’s already beaten down. He’s an alcoholic and grumpy and very guarded. We do see how he becomes that way but we never see him before this case. This gives a little insight, because we see Mike who was a very eager, fresh-faced agent in the beginning. As the season progresses, he becomes more defensive, impulsive and starts to break the rules with Ryan. It’s cool to see Weston start to show signs and traits that Ryan has, and I think that allows Ryan and Weston to ultimately bond. They don’t become good buddies, but there’s a trust that’s built. That starts to build because of what they’ve both gone through; [Weston] sacrificed his life for Ryan’s love for Claire (Natalie Zea).

 - Shawn Ashmore on Mike and Ryan’s relationship ^___^ (via dimplesfrecklesandcutepuppyeyes)

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